Thetahealing Teachers : Links to e-contract

ThetaHealing’s teacher contracts

When you sign up for a ThetaHealing’s instructors course, you will receive an e-mail from THInK (ThetaHealing Headquarter) asking you to sign-off on e-contracts. The e-mail contains a link to a page run by “DocuSign”, and you can enter your information, review the contract, giving electronic signature, and submit to THInK. You need to submit this e-contract before entering the class.

There seems to be some cases where this e-mail does not reach participants, therefore I would like to give you the links below so that you can submit the e-contract without needing to wait for the email to arrive.

If you have already submitted the e-contract, you do not need to take any action. However, if you would like to submit e-contract before receiving the e-mail, you can do so with the links below.

Types of contracts

There are two types of contracts that ThetaHealing teachers have to submit: Main contract and Addendum contract.

  • Main contract : this contract covers topics that are common to all instructor courses. You only need to submit main contact once. For example, if you are joining basic, advanced, dig deeper classes, you submit main contract once.
  • Addendum contract : this contract differs among instructor courses and therefore each instructor course has its own addendum contract. For example, if you are joining basic, advanced, dig deeper classes, you submit three addendum contracts – basic, advanced, and dig deeper.

Links to Teacher contracts

Links to teacher contracts differs depending on which class you join.

For example, if you are joining basic, advanced, and dig deeper instructor classes, you need to submit all of the following:

  • Main contract
  • Basic addendum
  • Advanced addendum
  • Dig Deeper addendum

Find the relevant links from below and proceed with signing off and submitting it to THInK.

1) Link for Basic Instructor contract

2) Link for Advanced Instructor contract

3) Link for Dig Deeper Instructor contract

4) Link for Soulmate Instructor contract