ThetaHealing Japan 2018: Terms & Conditions

ThetaHealing Instructor Certification Seminars 2018

Terms & Conditions


Seminar dates

  • Basic Instructors- Thursday April 5 – Sunday April 8, 2018   9:30-17:30
  • Advanced Instructors- Tuesday April 10 – Thursday April 12, 2018   9:30-17:30
  • Dig Deeper Instructors- Saturday April 14 & Sunday April 15, 2018   9:30-17:30
  • Soul Mate Instructors- Monday April 16 & Tuesday April 17, 2018   9:30-17:30

Tuition (including Tax)

<New Certification>

  • Basic Instructors           171,500 JPY
  • Advanced Instructors    155,000 JPY
  • Dig Deeper Instructors  122,000 JPY
  • Soulmate Instructors     122,000 JPY


  • Basic Instructors           137,000 JPY
  • Advanced Instructors    120,500 JPY
  • Dig Deeper Instructors  99,000 JPY
  • Soulmate Instructors     99,000 JPY


In the beginning of January 2018, ThetaHealing Headquarter (THInK) announced revisions on prerequisites, adding Dig Deeper as required course for majority of ThetaHealing courses. This revision is effective as of February 1st. 

Prerequisites for registration until January 31

  • Basic Instructors: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA
  • Advanced Instructors: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Basic Instructor
  • Dig Deeper Instructors: Dig Deeper, Basic Instructor, Advanced Instructor
  • Soul Mate Instructors: Soulmate, Basic Instructor, Advanced Instructor

Prerequisites for registration after February 1

  • Basic Instructors: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper
  • Advanced Instructors: Basic DNA, Dig Deeper, Advanced DNA, Basic Instructor
  • Dig Deeper Instructors: Dig Deeper, Basic Instructor, Advanced Instructor
  • Soul Mate Instructors: Soulmate, Dig Deeper, Basic Instructor, Advanced Instructor


“At Business Center Tokyo Station”

  • Yaesu MID building, Kyobashi 1-11-2, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0031
  • Basic Instructors: Room 408(Day1), Room 302(Day2-4)
  • Advanced Instructors: Room 302 (Day1-3)
  • Dig Deeper Instructors: Room 201
  • Soul Mate Instructors: Room 201

Registration / Certification

  • The registration is completed upon confirmation of receipt of the full amount of the tuition that includes course fee and hosting fee.
  • Each seminar has prerequisites to attend. Please note, if the requirements have not been fulfilled, you are not eligible to attend the seminar.
  • After the full attendance of both lectures and seminars, and submitting the signed instructor contract, you will be certified as an Instructor of the applicable seminar and the instructor certificate will be issued.

Certification Period and Recertification

  • Instructor Certification is valid for 4 years from the date of certification.
  • You can receive recertification and extend the certification period for 4 years by attending the corresponding instructor seminar(s) within the certification period.
  • You can also be recertified as Basic Instructor and Advanced Instructor by Attending the Intuitive Anatomy Instructor course.
  • If you are already certified as ThetaHealing Science, you can recertify it by attending more than 10 days of ThetaHealing’s Instructors courses.

Tuition and Payments

  • The pricing of ‘tuition’ for ThetaHealing Instructor seminars in Japan includes (1) course fee for THInK headquarters and (2) hosting fee for the organizer.
  • The full payment must be completed prior to the seminar via PayPal (credit card).
  • Payer name on PayPal transaction does not match the name of the registration, notify the organizer (Phoenix Corporation, so that we can successfully reconcile a payment with the registration.
  • Payment deadlines vary depending on the date of signing-up at the Eventbrite event registration form.
  • If you sign-up before January 1, 2018, your payment deadline is January 10, 2018.
  • If you sign-up between January 1 and 31, your payment deadline is February 8.
  • If you sign-up between February 1 and 28, your payment deadline is March 8.
  • If you sign-up after March 1, your payment deadline is 5 days after the sign-up date.

Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel a registration after making a payment, notify the organizer (Phoenix Corporation, Cancellation fee and PayPal transaction fee will be charged before refund]

<Cancellation Fee according to the date of cancellation notice>

  • Notice before February 28, 2018: No cancellation fee
  • Between March 1 to March 15: 30% of total paid tuition
  • Between March 16 to March 31: 50% of total paid tuition
  • After April 1: 100% of total paid tuition

<PayPal transaction fees>

  • Within 50 days after PayPal payment date: No PayPal transaction fees
  • Other dates: Approx. 7.0% (including original transaction and refund transaction)


For further information, please contact at

Phoenix Corporation, Ltd.